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             Pastor Patricia A. Brown                   Originally from Ex-Way, North Carolina. She is a powerful, true woman of God who loves the Lord with all her heart and makes herself available for the Master’s use wherever He wants to use her.

She preaches and teaches the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ (raw and uncut) with a holy boldness. She also sings powerful Psalms that heal, deliver and sets the captive free.

By being a living example, she teaches women of God how to be virtuous and victorious vessels of God. Pastor Brown is tangible, approachable, humble and not about "messy business;" she's about God's business.

She previously served in the United States Army but now serves in God's army. Pastor Brown accepted her call into ministry in 1999. She is truly an inspiration and the anointing that rests upon her life draws others to Christ. As Pastor, she faithfully labors beside her husband, Bishop Chris Brown, working in God's vineyard.

This Woman of God is a "Preaching Machine"!

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