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The Mission of Hope Statement


Assisting the illiterate and help them learn to read

Enhancing those who want education advancement

Offer basic computer knowledge and skill sets

Food Pantry

Providing meals on a regular basis to those in need

Providing a food pantry for those in an emergency situations

Food is stored for those in need to have a place

to come and receive it free of charge


Offering guidance and support to those struggling with drug addiction, prostitution, alcoholism, guidance to battered/abused women, and those incarcerated

Encouraging them where they are and helping them to get to where they need to be

Seasoned Citizens

Helping elderly citizens in their homes

Ensuring they have what they need

Offering transportation (doctor’s appointments, church, etc.)


Providing young people with activities to keep them safe from streets and being at home alone

Keeping our youth away from the world's devices like drugs, teen pregnancy, theft, etc.

                           Giving youth an opportunity to express themselves positively through                             Liturgical/Praise Dancing, Singing, Plays/Skits, etc.

Allowing youth an opportunity to assist our "seasoned citizens" and to learn from them

We want the world to know

that everybody is somebody

in the eyes of God.

There are "no big I's and little you's"

in Christ Jesus.

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