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The Set Angels of WWLTC

Bishop Chris Brown and  Pastor Patricia Brown



Elder John A. Jackson 

 A World Wide Invitation

Whosoever Will Let Them Come Ministries (WWLTC) is Bible-based ministry consisting of a multicultural congregation. Come one, come all whosoever will let them come! This is a ministry full of loving individuals who love people "where they are on the way to where God will have them to be." The love for Christ is real here. WWLTC sees people the way God sees them and strongly believes in not just giving a hand-out but offering a hand-up.

Bishop Chris F. Brown and  Pastor Patricia A. Brown the founders and leaders of WWLTC Ministries. They are anointed and appointed by God, and an awesome "tag team" in the Lord which God has raised for a time such as this.  

"Many Members . . . One Body"

I Corinthians 12:20

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Be blessed and be encouraged!

Expect the UnExpected!!!

God is not the only one

that loves you.

WWLTC Ministry does too!!!

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